Away Holidays: Global Customer Service Centre

Over recent years Away Holidays has grown to become a considerable competitor in the holiday market. Established in 2008, Away Holidays took advantage of the burgeoning Asian tourist market to grow and eventually expand their business to provide holidays to customers all around the world. Thanks to their ever increasing popularity, Away Holidays have been able to open a new Global Customer Service Centre to make booking a holiday as worry free as possible.

With premises already in Middlesex and Buckinghamshire, Away Holidays opened a brand new office just outside of London’s major Heathrow Airport. The Away Holidays Global Customer Service Centre is staffed only by highly trained operatives who are each equipped with the expertise in international travel to assist with almost any problem.

The Customer Service Centre is intended to work seamlessly alongside Away Holidays’ bespoke holiday booking website. The Away Holidays website is a friendly and inviting service that allows customers to browse their favourite holiday packages at their own leisure. If customers then have any queries they can easily consult the Away Holidays customer service centre.

Away Holidays

Open 24 hours a day and always well-staffed with expert operatives, they can always help with customer enquiries. The Customer Service Centre of Away Holidays’ can provide help and advice no matter when and where you call them from. Whether the customer has a query regarding their booking or if they encounter any sort of problem whilst actually on holiday, then they can rest assured that assistance is only a phone call away.

Staff members are not only well versed in providing international travel advice, but they have also been hand-selected to make sure they all have excellent people skills. Customers never need to worry about surly or unhelpful sounding staff. Whenever you call Away Holidays you can rely on having a conversation with a friendly and knowledgeable staff member who won’t only dispense valuable advice, but also know how to properly reassure customers that their problems are being dealt with by professionals.

For contact information about Away Holidays Customer Service, or if you want to book one of their bespoke holiday packages, simply visit the Away Holidays website and try giving their customer service centre a call for yourself.

Away Holidays | Where Can Away Holidays Take You?

Away Holidays is the rapidly growing holiday specialist in the luxury travel sector of British travel industry. Away Holidays relies on many years of experience while sending their customers away on holidays to the destinations of their dreams. At Away Holidays the team knows that their customers want helpful service, cheap deals and, most importantly, access to the most exotic variety of holiday destinations. Away Holidays comfortably satisfy all of these needs with their expert team that is available 24 hours a day and is dedicated to securing the best selection of holiday deals for you. The company recently acquired premises just outside London’s Heathrow Airport, and started its global customer delivery centre to offer unmatched and high quality service to its clients. Over the last 12 months alone Away Holidays have served over 365,000 happy travellers.


The luxury holiday company attempts to offer high degree of customer satisfaction by identifying the emotional driver behind its clients’ need for the holidays that enables it to tailor those perfect getaways. Away Holidays offer holiday packages in six world regions. Away Holidays can send their customers away to;

-       North America

Predominantly comprised of colonist from all over the world, the vast stretch of land that is North America is home to some of the strangest cultural collisions in the world. The USA specialises in the Big: in the incredible Grand Canyon, the grandiloquent Hollywood and even some of the biggest meals with supersized fast food.

-       Africa

Ancient and majestic, Africa has been the cradle of civilisation and home to the most awe inspiring fauna. In Egypt visitors will witness the majesty of the pyramids, the only surviving wonder of the ancient world. Or in South Africa Away Holidays customers can experience equally majestic experience lions, rhinos and hippos that roam wild in Africa.

-       Arabia

With a blend of ancient and modern, Away Holidays offer holidays around Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Jordan. Home to bombastic modern cities built from new oil wealth as well as the remains of earth’s earliest civilisations: Arabia is unforgettable.

-       Asia

Vast and limitlessly exotic, Away Holidays possess intimate knowledge of destinations throughout India, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore. Visitors can re-discover themselves in totally new and unrelentingly vibrant cultures.

-       Australia

Separate from the rest of the world for centuries, Australia has developed to be very unique. Koalas and kangaroos are everyday sights and the balmy temperatures make every day perfect for a beach barbeque.

For more information, customers can take advantage of Away Holidays’ 24 hour service online.