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Whether holiday-makers seek the yearning of lounging on the beaches of Mauritius or the Maldives, or long for sun tanning and the experience of self-indulgent parties on the beaches of Miami; whether you desire to explore the bath warm water of Sharm El Sheikh or the emerald green shores of Thailand, Away Holidays provides customers with the best priced beach holiday deals; from the Gold Coast and Perth in Australia to the mythical beach resorts of Kerala and Goa.

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Imagine mornings straight out of a fairy-tale, decadent afternoons and chemistry-lit sunsets. Add breath-taking luxuriousness, essential romantic privacy and quaint ambiances; all the quintessential elements in which to celebrate your beautiful devotedness, amorousness and unique love. The travel company always seek to stock up on its flawless honeymoon package deals.

Holiday-makers who have been shocked by overpriced food and drink bills as well as been left with empty pockets due to the cost of entertainment on previous holiday experiences, can take advantage of the all-inclusive holiday package deals on offer by Away Holidays. If you think that an all-inclusive holiday will cost you an arm and a leg, the specially tailored deals offered by the travel company guarantee customers an enjoyable experience without being strapped for cash.

Those seeking to discover the world can indulge in the very best luxury spa holiday resorts and hotel package deals and be subjected to supreme leisure and reinvigoration at a five-star haven of well-being. Customers can browse through a wide-ranging selection of world-class hotel and spa resort packages and accustom themselves to innovative methods in reviving their minds, physique and essence during a holiday to Mauritius, the Maldives, India or any other wellness breakaway.

If you are of the opinion that your previous family holiday should have been more entertaining compared to the price, contact Away Holidays and tell the travel company what your unique requirements are; especially those who have kids who need continuous, stimulating entertainment. The travel company guarantees that your next family holiday will include all the required activities to leave the whole family with long-lasting, memorable moments.

Luxury holidays are not only for the rich and famous. Due to an abundant accessibility of suitable luxury holiday options to the average traveller, and with detailed choice of destinations, those holiday-makers who thought they would never be able to afford a luxury holiday can plan just such a holiday every year to their heart’s desire.

Away Holidays: What Makes a World Heritage Site?

Although the world is full of natural and cultural wonders, very few achieve the distinction of being awarded UNESCO World Heritage status. To be listed as a World Heritage site places a location amongst the most impressive and significant in the world. Many travellers often plan their holidays around World Heritage sites to ensure truly unforgettable memories and a pleasing holiday trip.

UNESCO World Heritage Site GirokastraTravel agents like Away Holidays offer tours and packages designed to make the most of the most impressive World Heritage gems the world has to offer. Through Away Holidays, travellers can explore their options for discovering World Heritage sites. Away Holidays can be accessed via their website 24 hours a day.

So what criterion makes a UNESCO World Heritage Site?

UNESCO is an acronym referring to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation. UNESCO is the organisation responsible for deciding where should receive World Heritage status and is dedicated to uniting the world by protecting and sharing its greatest monuments.

UNESCO looks for locations that meet a certain number of criteria. The necessary criteria are loosely defined as Cultural, Natural and Legal.

Cultural criteria demand that a site has been considered to be a work of outstanding human genius. Cultural sites represent some of the greatest achievements in human endeavour. On the whole only works of architectural wonder can be listed as World Heritage, however many chosen sites are also be home to other works of genius. For example Michelangelo’s ceiling of the Sistine Chapel has not been listed as a World Heritage site in itself. However the Vatican, in which it resides, has been and so the fabulous painted ceiling is also protected.

Natural sites are considered to hold outstanding natural beauty or hold unique and endangered natural phenomenon. So awe inspiring scenery like the glacial landscape of Los Glaciares are listed and so are the places like Mount Kenya, which is home to a unique range of rare species.

The Legal protection offered by UNESCO is very valuable. Under the Geneva Convention it is a crime for any belligerent parties to cause any damage to important sites. These laws will prevent any more episodes like when a Venetian navy bombarded Ottoman soldiers in the Athenian Acropolis, leaving it the collapsed ruin it is today.

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