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Situated between the coasts of Africa, Asia and Australia, the India Ocean is one of the warmest and most beautiful oceans on the world. The Indian Ocean enjoys warm waters, generally calm weather conditions, and is home to an absolute wealth of fascinating and dazzlingly beautiful sea life. Due to the region’s supreme beauty, destinations around and within the Indian Ocean have become extremely popular with tourists.

Away HolidaysExpert and highly regarded UK travel agents Away Holidays have found some of the most popular Indian Ocean holiday destinations include;

The Maldives

The Maldives are a genuine tropical island paradise. Surrounded by the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, the Maldives is an archipelago nation comprising over a thousand tiny islands, each complete with tropical palms and sandy beaches. Visitors to the Maldives can’t help but find their own slice of peace and quiet amidst the thousands of isolated idyllic beaches.


Madagascar is a large island that sits off the east coast of Africa. Spending millions of years separated from mainland Africa, Madagascar has developed one of the most fascinating and remarkable ecologies in the world. Madagascar is home to an incredible biodiversity of species utterly unique to the island. And if unique species weren’t enough, Madagascar also has an enthralling history as a home to some of history’s most notorious pirates.

The Mauritius

Off the east coast of Madagascar, the Mauritius islands are a beautiful island wonderland. Surrounded by warm waters and coral reefs, travellers can dive into the sea to experience some of nature’s most spectacular marine wildlife.

Sri Lanka

Situated off the south coast of India, Sri Lanka is a fascinating country. Sri Lanka is home to an ancient culture that has left behind awe inspiring remains, which intrepid travellers can find whilst out exploring Sri Lanka’s thrilling forestry.


A vast and awesome country, India is a nation of epic landscapes and vibrant communities. Although India’s northern highlands and mountainous regions are some of its most famous, India’s coastline destinations are beautiful, welcoming and relaxing.

It’s easy to book your own holiday to experience the blissful beauty of the Indian Ocean, through the Away Holidays website. Away Holidays offer a staggering range of great deals and special offers that make the most luxurious destinations of the Indian Ocean available to everybody, regardless of budget.

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