The Jumeirah Essex House in New York with Away Holidays: comfort, style and total convenience

When you decide to stay at the Jumeirah Essex House hotel in New York with Away Holidays, you can rest assured knowing you’ll have access to the best facilities. You can pamper yourself; exercise your cares away; enjoy drinks and delicious food; and enjoy having all your needs seamlessly catered for.

Away Holidays

At the Jumeirah hotel frequented by Away Holidays customers, you don’t have to give up on your exercise regime. If you’re especially dedicated to maintaining and honing an attractive physique, you won’t want to destroy your hard work while you’re away. The hotel has a fully equipped gym set in pleasant, comfortable surroundings, so you can break a sweat in between lovely meals and decadent shopping trips.

After a workout at the Jumeirah with Away Holidays, you might feel the need to expel all those toxins in the hotel sauna or steam room. On leaving, you’ll feel invigorated and refreshed, and ready to indulge in some luxurious treatments at the in-house health spa. In the spa, expert staff will soothe and pamper your face and body; so when you head out for the evening, you exude the beautiful glow of health and radiance.

The restaurants in the hotel are very appealing to Away Holidays customers who want to indulge their love of fine dining. Delicious foods with global influences will excite your palate; and you can complement the gorgeous dishes with the finest quality wines and beers. If you have the children with you, you might want to take advantage of the hotel babysitting service, and really kick up your heels in the city that is always buzzing!

Staying at the Jumeirah on an Away Holidays trip to New York is a fantastic experience. Your expectations won’t just be met, they’ll be exceeded. You’ll enjoy comfort, style and total convenience, all designed to make your break in the big city as fun and fuss free as possible.  Customer service is high on the agenda, and staff will work hard to cater for all tastes and requirements. Your time in New York will be so great, you’ll be planning your next trip as soon as you get back!

It’s a breeze choosing five star luxury with Away Holidays

When you choose to book a holiday at the Graycliff Hotel in the Bahamas with Away Holidays; you know you’ll be getting five star luxury at great prices. From just £1569 per person, including taxes and flights, you can enjoy sumptuous surroundings, gorgeous views and amazing food. In addition, you’ll benefit from first class customer service and facilities designed to cater for your every whim.

Away Holidays

The Graycliff Hotel has been handpicked by Away Holidays for its superior facilities. If you enjoy golf, you won’t have to venture far, as the hotel has a premium golf course on site. You can improve your handicap while basking in the glorious sun that permeates most days in the Bahamas.  The inviting swimming pool will help you to cool off before you indulge in a spot of sun worshipping. If you are keen to maintain your fitness levels while you’re away, the hotel has a fully equipped gym that makes working out a breeze. The steam room and spa await after your exertions, and are designed to help you unfurl tense and tired muscles. Mental relaxation is inevitable within these comforting environs.

If you’re travelling with children, and are keen to keep them entertained, the friendly hotel staff will be glad to advise on places to visit and fun activities; and can even help to arrange the purchase of tickets. Having enjoyed a fun day out with the children on your Away Holidays trip; you might want to take advantage of the hotel babysitting service, which allows you to relax without worrying about keeping the little ones happy.

Away Holidays is proud to recommend the Graycliff Hotel for customers seeking that little bit extra from their break; and the Graycliff Restaurant does not fail to live up to the highest expectations.

If you are looking for somewhere to showcase your finest evening wear; and to see and be seen, this restaurant is the place to go. Celebrity sightings are not uncommon, and the Bahamian government, as well as other important luminaries, are regular diners at this famous eaterie. The Humidor Churrascaria offers a more casual dining experience. Diners here enjoy Brazilian cuisine in beautiful outdoor surroundings. Seafood that is just off the boat, carefully prepared succulent meats, and an array of tempting bean, salad and side dishes all sate the most demanding of appetites.

Choosing five star Bahamian luxury is a breeze with Away Holidays. They offer great prices, unrivalled comfort and style, and a trip that will plunge you into deep contentment and relaxation.

Away Holidays: San Francisco in comfort and style

Staying at the Omni San Francisco with Away Holidays, you can expect facilities that anticipate your every need. Everything is designed with your convenience and comfort in mind, so you can relax and enjoy your holiday. The Omni can help you with your financial, fitness, travel and hygiene needs, allowing you to make the most of every second of your trip to San Francisco.

Away Holidays

When you arrive at the Omni with Away Holidays, you might feel a bit tired from jet lag. You won’t be keen to spend any period of time standing around waiting to check in. With this in mind, the hotel has created a fast means of checking in and out of the hotel; allowing you to save time and energy.

If you have just started your break with Away Holidays, you might not have much cash in your wallet or purse. The hotel offers a bank machine so you can have quick access to your money whenever you need it. They also exchange currencies, so if you have plenty of pounds and a dearth of dollars; the Omni will be able to come to your rescue.

When you’re abroad with Away Holidays, you might need to keep in touch with your colleagues, or even family and friends. This is why the Omni provides wireless internet access for all its customers; allowing you to keep a finger on the pulse of the outside world while you’re away.

If you’ve booked your break with Away Holidays with your bikini body in mind, you’ll want to keep up the good work while you’re staying at the Omni. They provide access to a range of fitness equipment so that you can keep up with those fit Californians!

Away Holidays customers often like to travel in style, and the Omni understands this. It offers a limousine or car service that will take you around the city in comfort and sophistication. This service is a lovely treat for our more discerning clientele.

The Omni San Francisco is a great choice for people travelling to the city with Away Holidays.  For prices from £1045 per person, you can soak up the atmosphere in a city that you won’t forget; and stay there in comfortable and beautiful surrundings. What are you waiting for?

Culture, Sights and Shopping in Los Angeles | Away Holidays

Los Angeles is primarily known as being the home of the rich and famous; however, there is a lot more to this city than celebrities. There’s a wealth of art, culture and attractions to be found here. The LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) is one example; this can be found in mid-town, and is home to a huge collection of artwork, including pre-Columbian, Egyptian, Islamic and Impressionistic pieces. In addition to housing a permanent collection, there are also frequent touring exhibitions held here; just recently, a number of Renoir’s works were displayed at this museum.

For a fun day out, a trip to Santa Monica Pier is a must. Spanning sixteen hundred feet, this pier opened at the beginning of the twentieth century. It still contains a beautiful carousel, believed to have been constructed in the 1920s, and an ornately decorated gate, which was built in 1938. There is also a Ferris wheel and a rollercoaster here, both of which add the lively, fairground-like atmosphere of this place.

If you want to treat yourself to a few new things, Away Holidays customers recommend a trip to the Grove. This area is home to an enormous Barnes & Noble, a Nordstrom, a multiplex cinema and an Apple store, as well as a number of small boutiques and beauty shops. In addition to this, it is also where you will find the famous Farmer’s Market, which has been in operation here for decades. The Grove has plenty of outdoor seating areas, where you can sit, relax and watch the world go by.  There are also a number of bridges, musical foundations and green spaces, which make this a very scenic and pleasant place to spend an afternoon.

Away HolidaysIf you’re determined to spot some celebrities, or at least see a few movie sets, clients of Away Holidays say you should head to Universal Studios Hollywood. It’s easy to reach this attraction, as it’s just a short drive away from downtown. The theme park is a perfect place to bring your kids for a few hours, as they’ll have the chance to try some thrilling funfair rides, and get a behind-the-scenes look at how Hollywood’s most popular movies were made. The backstage tour varies from one day to another, depending on which television series or movies are being filmed. However, you’re guaranteed to catch a glimpse of some of the most iconic sets, including ‘Back to the Future’, ‘Jaws’ and ‘Psycho’.

The Beauty of the Bahamas | Away Holidays

The Bahamas is an archipelago, famed for its clear blue skies, stunning beaches and tropical climate. Whilst it might be tempting to just sunbathe, swim and snooze at the hotel during your holiday here, it really is worth spending a few days exploring the local area, as there’s a wealth of amazing attractions to discover here.

Cabbage beach is the perfect place for a fun day out; the calm, clear waters are ideal for snorkelling and swimming, and dozens of amazing restaurants and glamorous casinos line the beach. The atmosphere is lively, with plenty of people bustling around throughout the day. However, if you would prefer somewhere a bit quieter and more peaceful, we recommend heading to either Lucaya or Xanadu beach.

Away HolidaysNature enthusiasts should not miss out on a visit to the Ardastra Gardens, which houses over three hundred species of birds, reptiles and mammals, as well as many species of flowers and plants. You’ll see some beautiful orchid varieties here, along with lots of carefully cultivated shrubs and trees. There is also a daily show, featuring flocks of trained tropical birds, which should delight children and adults alike.

If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the main beaches, Away Holidays clients recommend visiting Blue Lagoon Island, which is just a short boat ride away from Nassau. You can enjoy a delicious meal of fresh seafood, sip on a tropical cocktail, or simply lie back in a hammock, and admire the crashing waves and swaying palm trees.

Lucayan National Park is another fascinating place; here you’ll find one of the world’s biggest charted underwater cave systems, as well as a number of white sand beaches, pine, palm and mangrove trees, and spectacular rock formations. If you’re feeling energetic, you can go on a cave exploration tour, or take a kayaking trip down the main creek.

Lastly, there’s Paradise Island’s Outdoor Aquarium. This place is home to hundreds of different species, including lobsters, green eels, jellyfish and sharks. There are also eleven lagoons that tourists can visit, via large tunnels; these tunnels allow people to see sharks, giant groupers and piranhas up close. Customers of Away Holidays add that this aquarium is even more beautiful in the evenings, as each habitat and pool is illuminated by soft, glowing lights.

Away Holidays: 5 Stars in Dubai

Perched on the edge of the scorching and vast Arabian Desert, Dubai is a luxurious gem and understandably a very popular holiday destination. Dubai is a city particularly famous for its lavish hotels and triumphant modern architecture and has become a particular favourite with tourists from around the world. Booking through travel agents like Away Holidays, millions of holiday makers visit the city every year to enjoy its many attractions and sumptuous hotels.

Away Holidays offer a range of travel and accommodation packages to help Away Holidays customers enjoy the absolute best that Dubai has to offer. The Away Holidays team’s dedication to low prices has made the top 5 star hotels more accessible than ever. At Away Holidays they understand the sheer opulence of a 5 star hotel is a luxury many of us will only be able to afford once in our lives and this is why Away Holidays also offer an unparalleled array of choices to make sure their customers find their perfect hotel.

Away Holidays

Some of Dubai’s 5 star hotels available via Away Holidays include:

  • Jebel Ali Beach Hotel

This hotel has its own private palm tree lined stretch of beach, each of its rooms either looks over the warm Arabian Gulf or its own golf course.

  • Atlantis, the Palm

Situated on The Palm, Dubai’s own man made tropical island, the Atlantis has custom built beaches on its doorstep and a vast waterpark.

  • Habtoor Grand Resort

A skyscraper in its own right, the Habtoor Grand Resort has over 440 rooms and is ideally located by Jumeirah Beach near the heart of Dubai.

  • Amwaj Rotanah Jumeirah Beach

A luxurious hotel, the Amwaj Rotanah is famous for its excellent restaurants and in particular their international theme nights that take their guests on culinary tours of the world.

All of these hotels are available for booking through the Away Holidays website. Operating through a website means Away Holidays customers can surf for their Away Holidays package at any time of day from the comfort of their own home. Once a customer has chosen their dream hotel, Away Holidays’ expert and friendly staff will arrange the booking.

So with such a range of choice and great deals, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy one of Dubai’s luxury 5 star hotels with Away Holidays.

Away Holidays | Las Vegas Strip, Like Nowhere in the World

There really is no street in the world quite like the Las Vegas Strip. There is no other street where you could wander past the Pyramids of Giza, the Eiffel Tower and Camelot within about ten minutes of each other. The Las Vegas Strip has become famous worldwide for its massive hotel casinos, fantastic entertainment and for being the self-proclaimed ‘entertainment capital of the world’.

Away Holidays

Built around New Mexico’s lax gambling laws, Las Vegas is a city built around the high stake world of casinos. Tourists are drawn in to gamble away their holiday money with lavishly decorated casinos, spectacular entertainment and constantly flowing drinks. In competition for more customers each casino hotel along the Las Vegas Strip has built bigger and ever more audacious displays in order to distract and entice tourists inside. The result has been this unique street of bright lights, eye catching displays and countless recreations of international monuments.

One of the most famous hotels of the Strip is Caesar’s Palace. Caesar’s Palace is an enormous hotel blending classical and art deco architectural design. All around the hotel visitors can see recreations of some of the greatest sculptures in classical art ranging from the Victory of Samothrace, the Trevi Fountain and even a recreation of the Colosseum that houses a shopping complex, sport events and musical shows.

Down from Caesar’s Palace is the Paris Hotel. The Paris Hotel is another audacious piece of design featuring a scale model of the Eiffel Tower and guests are welcomed to the hotel by a mini Arch de Triumph. Further down visitors can witness the Pyramids of Giza themselves complete with a Sphinx that lights up and provides a dazzling evening light show.

Possibly winning the prize for most bizarre however may be the Excalibur Hotel. The Excalibur is based on the mythical Camelot and has been designed as a totally imaginary, whitewashed, faux Germanic castle. It almost looks like a child built it in oversized Lego. Even the sky scraping hotel behind has its own brightly coloured towers and defensive crenulations.

To see the Las Vegas Strip for yourself, flights and accommodation are available through Away Holidays. Away Holidays offer hotels on the Strip itself and, thanks to their industry expertise; Away Holidays always offer great prices.

Away Holidays | Memories of the Colossus: Giant Statues of the World

Throughout human architectural history size has always mattered. Around the world many cities have tried to embody their ideals, and outdo their neighbours, with colossal statues. These colossal monuments like the Cristo Redentor or the Spring Temple Buddha inspire whole nations and no journey around the world could possibly be complete without experiencing at least one giant statue.

Away HolidaysThe word ‘colossal’ is in fact derived by the original giant statue: the Colossus of Rhodes. The Colossus famously stood with a leg either side of the harbour into Rhodes. The Colossus, along with the immense Statue of Zeus on the Acropolis of Athens, made two of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Both of these legendary monuments have however been lost to the passage of time unfortunately, but fortunately mankind has more than made up for their loss with even bigger statues.

The tallest statues in the world today are mostly based around East Asia and dedicated to the veneration of the Great Buddha. The Spring Temple Buddha in China stands at an incredible 420ft high, that’s twice the height of the US’ Statue of Liberty and Russia’s Motherland Calls. Myanmar, Japan and Thailand are all close runners up with their own epic representations of Buddha.

The two largest non-religious statues can both be found in Russia. Volgograd is home to the Motherland Calls, a 279ft beauty representing the courage of Russian resistance in the battle of Stalingrad. The Motherland Calls, inspired by the beautiful Winged Victory of Samothrace, is one of the few giant statues to successfully capture naturalistic movement and form.

Slightly taller at 315ft is the Peter the Great Statue in Moscow is another highly artistic statue. Peter the Great has however attracted controversy being called ugly and critics have questioned why Moscow should venerate a leader who famously hated the city. Historians also questioned why he’s depicted on a boat, some sources have claim the statue was originally a monument to Christopher Columbus hastily redesigned after the US rejected it.

People wanting to visit any of these statues around Russia or the Far East can book tickets and accommodation with Away Holidays. Through the Away Holidays website travellers can browse a wide range of destinations and, thanks to experienced team at Away Holidays, they can always find great deals.

Types Of Holidays ǀ Away Holidays

Whether holiday-makers seek the yearning of lounging on the beaches of Mauritius or the Maldives, or long for sun tanning and the experience of self-indulgent parties on the beaches of Miami; whether you desire to explore the bath warm water of Sharm El Sheikh or the emerald green shores of Thailand, Away Holidays provides customers with the best priced beach holiday deals; from the Gold Coast and Perth in Australia to the mythical beach resorts of Kerala and Goa.

Away Holidays

Imagine mornings straight out of a fairy-tale, decadent afternoons and chemistry-lit sunsets. Add breath-taking luxuriousness, essential romantic privacy and quaint ambiances; all the quintessential elements in which to celebrate your beautiful devotedness, amorousness and unique love. The travel company always seek to stock up on its flawless honeymoon package deals.

Holiday-makers who have been shocked by overpriced food and drink bills as well as been left with empty pockets due to the cost of entertainment on previous holiday experiences, can take advantage of the all-inclusive holiday package deals on offer by Away Holidays. If you think that an all-inclusive holiday will cost you an arm and a leg, the specially tailored deals offered by the travel company guarantee customers an enjoyable experience without being strapped for cash.

Those seeking to discover the world can indulge in the very best luxury spa holiday resorts and hotel package deals and be subjected to supreme leisure and reinvigoration at a five-star haven of well-being. Customers can browse through a wide-ranging selection of world-class hotel and spa resort packages and accustom themselves to innovative methods in reviving their minds, physique and essence during a holiday to Mauritius, the Maldives, India or any other wellness breakaway.

If you are of the opinion that your previous family holiday should have been more entertaining compared to the price, contact Away Holidays and tell the travel company what your unique requirements are; especially those who have kids who need continuous, stimulating entertainment. The travel company guarantees that your next family holiday will include all the required activities to leave the whole family with long-lasting, memorable moments.

Luxury holidays are not only for the rich and famous. Due to an abundant accessibility of suitable luxury holiday options to the average traveller, and with detailed choice of destinations, those holiday-makers who thought they would never be able to afford a luxury holiday can plan just such a holiday every year to their heart’s desire.

Away Holidays: What Makes a World Heritage Site?

Although the world is full of natural and cultural wonders, very few achieve the distinction of being awarded UNESCO World Heritage status. To be listed as a World Heritage site places a location amongst the most impressive and significant in the world. Many travellers often plan their holidays around World Heritage sites to ensure truly unforgettable memories and a pleasing holiday trip.

UNESCO World Heritage Site GirokastraTravel agents like Away Holidays offer tours and packages designed to make the most of the most impressive World Heritage gems the world has to offer. Through Away Holidays, travellers can explore their options for discovering World Heritage sites. Away Holidays can be accessed via their website 24 hours a day.

So what criterion makes a UNESCO World Heritage Site?

UNESCO is an acronym referring to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation. UNESCO is the organisation responsible for deciding where should receive World Heritage status and is dedicated to uniting the world by protecting and sharing its greatest monuments.

UNESCO looks for locations that meet a certain number of criteria. The necessary criteria are loosely defined as Cultural, Natural and Legal.

Cultural criteria demand that a site has been considered to be a work of outstanding human genius. Cultural sites represent some of the greatest achievements in human endeavour. On the whole only works of architectural wonder can be listed as World Heritage, however many chosen sites are also be home to other works of genius. For example Michelangelo’s ceiling of the Sistine Chapel has not been listed as a World Heritage site in itself. However the Vatican, in which it resides, has been and so the fabulous painted ceiling is also protected.

Natural sites are considered to hold outstanding natural beauty or hold unique and endangered natural phenomenon. So awe inspiring scenery like the glacial landscape of Los Glaciares are listed and so are the places like Mount Kenya, which is home to a unique range of rare species.

The Legal protection offered by UNESCO is very valuable. Under the Geneva Convention it is a crime for any belligerent parties to cause any damage to important sites. These laws will prevent any more episodes like when a Venetian navy bombarded Ottoman soldiers in the Athenian Acropolis, leaving it the collapsed ruin it is today.

Call Away Holidays to discuss your next holiday, or UNESCO World Heritage trip on – 0800 408 8000. Or alternatively check out their website –