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Staying in the same type of resort or hotel, time after time, on every single holiday or trip, can quickly grow quite boring. For some, even ‘off the beaten track’ is still not quite exciting enough. Well luckily, a thing called ‘extreme vacationing’ has emerged. Extreme vacationing can mean many different things, the ‘extreme’ aspect being anything from the activities you do whilst away, to where you actually rest your head at night.

An informed travel agent, such as Away Holidays, will be able to provide more information, and potentially help you arrange and book, your stay in extreme accommodation.

What, exactly, is extreme accommodation, though? Well, something completely removed from the norm, such as the Poseidon Undersea Resort in Dubai. Yes, this resort is exactly as it sounds; located underneath the surface of the water. Many of the hotel rooms, in fact, are actually on the sea floor itself. All of the rooms at the resort have stunning underwater views, giving the guests a real and intimate look at the colourful and exotic life under the sea.

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The Juvet Landscape Hotel in Norway offers something quite different, but equally as stunning. The hotel, nestled deep in the rich and lush Norwegian mountains, offers cabins with huge glass walls, providing a breathtaking viewing platform to the incredible landscape. The Juvet Landscape hotel is great for hikers and mountain walkers in the summer months, and winter sports fanatics in winter.

Norway’s neighbour, Sweden, also offers extreme and unusual holiday accommodation. The Sala Silvermine is a popular tourist attraction that also offers accommodation to visitors. Guests can pick between the cosy, aboveground hostel, or the more extreme mine suite; which is 155 metres underground. Whilst to some, sleeping, essentially, in a cave may not seem like the perfect picture of enjoyment, for those looking for something more outside-the-box, the Sala Silvermine could be perfect.

In equally extreme style, Belgrade, Serbia boasts ArkaBarka; a hostel that floats on the river Danube. The hostel offers panoramic views of the surrounding park, as well as cosy, comfortable rooms. For something a little closer to home, you could also consider heading down to Cornwall to stay in one of the magical, traditional Romany caravans, in the picturesque setting of a medieval market town.

Regardless of which type of extreme accommodation tickles your fancy, there is one thing that remains constant; thatit is worth seeking the help of an experienced and professional travel agent. As many happy customers of Away Holidays will suggest, the insight and expertise of a travel agent can be advantageous in getting the best deals and making the most out of your vacation.

Away Holidays: 5 Stars in Dubai

Perched on the edge of the scorching and vast Arabian Desert, Dubai is a luxurious gem and understandably a very popular holiday destination. Dubai is a city particularly famous for its lavish hotels and triumphant modern architecture and has become a particular favourite with tourists from around the world. Booking through travel agents like Away Holidays, millions of holiday makers visit the city every year to enjoy its many attractions and sumptuous hotels.

Away Holidays offer a range of travel and accommodation packages to help Away Holidays customers enjoy the absolute best that Dubai has to offer. The Away Holidays team’s dedication to low prices has made the top 5 star hotels more accessible than ever. At Away Holidays they understand the sheer opulence of a 5 star hotel is a luxury many of us will only be able to afford once in our lives and this is why Away Holidays also offer an unparalleled array of choices to make sure their customers find their perfect hotel.

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Some of Dubai’s 5 star hotels available via Away Holidays include:

  • Jebel Ali Beach Hotel

This hotel has its own private palm tree lined stretch of beach, each of its rooms either looks over the warm Arabian Gulf or its own golf course.

  • Atlantis, the Palm

Situated on The Palm, Dubai’s own man made tropical island, the Atlantis has custom built beaches on its doorstep and a vast waterpark.

  • Habtoor Grand Resort

A skyscraper in its own right, the Habtoor Grand Resort has over 440 rooms and is ideally located by Jumeirah Beach near the heart of Dubai.

  • Amwaj Rotanah Jumeirah Beach

A luxurious hotel, the Amwaj Rotanah is famous for its excellent restaurants and in particular their international theme nights that take their guests on culinary tours of the world.

All of these hotels are available for booking through the Away Holidays website. Operating through a website means Away Holidays customers can surf for their Away Holidays package at any time of day from the comfort of their own home. Once a customer has chosen their dream hotel, Away Holidays’ expert and friendly staff will arrange the booking.

So with such a range of choice and great deals, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy one of Dubai’s luxury 5 star hotels with Away Holidays.

Away Holidays | Where Can Away Holidays Take You?

Away Holidays is the rapidly growing holiday specialist in the luxury travel sector of British travel industry. Away Holidays relies on many years of experience while sending their customers away on holidays to the destinations of their dreams. At Away Holidays the team knows that their customers want helpful service, cheap deals and, most importantly, access to the most exotic variety of holiday destinations. Away Holidays comfortably satisfy all of these needs with their expert team that is available 24 hours a day and is dedicated to securing the best selection of holiday deals for you. The company recently acquired premises just outside London’s Heathrow Airport, and started its global customer delivery centre to offer unmatched and high quality service to its clients. Over the last 12 months alone Away Holidays have served over 365,000 happy travellers.


The luxury holiday company attempts to offer high degree of customer satisfaction by identifying the emotional driver behind its clients’ need for the holidays that enables it to tailor those perfect getaways. Away Holidays offer holiday packages in six world regions. Away Holidays can send their customers away to;

-       North America

Predominantly comprised of colonist from all over the world, the vast stretch of land that is North America is home to some of the strangest cultural collisions in the world. The USA specialises in the Big: in the incredible Grand Canyon, the grandiloquent Hollywood and even some of the biggest meals with supersized fast food.

-       Africa

Ancient and majestic, Africa has been the cradle of civilisation and home to the most awe inspiring fauna. In Egypt visitors will witness the majesty of the pyramids, the only surviving wonder of the ancient world. Or in South Africa Away Holidays customers can experience equally majestic experience lions, rhinos and hippos that roam wild in Africa.

-       Arabia

With a blend of ancient and modern, Away Holidays offer holidays around Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Jordan. Home to bombastic modern cities built from new oil wealth as well as the remains of earth’s earliest civilisations: Arabia is unforgettable.

-       Asia

Vast and limitlessly exotic, Away Holidays possess intimate knowledge of destinations throughout India, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore. Visitors can re-discover themselves in totally new and unrelentingly vibrant cultures.

-       Australia

Separate from the rest of the world for centuries, Australia has developed to be very unique. Koalas and kangaroos are everyday sights and the balmy temperatures make every day perfect for a beach barbeque.

For more information, customers can take advantage of Away Holidays’ 24 hour service online.