Explore the USA with Away Holidays Motorcoach Tours

The United States of America is a country so large and so diverse; with so many different places, people, cultures, history, cuisine, sights and attractions, for those who want to visit, it sometimes seems impossible to really experience them all.

With the USA being virtually on the opposite side of the globe, a trip there is not something a person will take very frequently, and so any time spent there should be spent wisely. But, with a country so diverse, how is it possible to decide where to go and what to do?

Away HolidaysAmerica has a wealth of famous and amazing cities; Seattle, Las Vegas, New York, San Francisco, Nashville… the list could go on forever – so how do you decide which one to visit on your city break? Or if sandy beaches are more your thing, do you visit Florida, California, or even the ultra-tropical Hawaiian islands? The USA is great for winter holidays and winter sports, too, but will you choose the Appalachians, the Rockies, or head up to the more remote Alaska?

Away Holidays

Luckily, for those heading to the United States who would like to experience more than just one place, Away Holidays is here to help you make the most of your time in the USA. With Away Holidays’ Escorted Motorcoach Tours, you are given the freedom to travel throughout the country to a range of locations for a fuller, truer experience.

Away Holidays have a range of Motorcoach Tours on offer, so you can pick and plan your perfect trip. The Eastern Cities Motorcoach tour visits some of New England’s most famous and iconic cities, including Manhattan, Washington D.C., Niagara, Philadelphia and New York, to name a few. You can experience the unique sights and attractions these cities have to offer, as well as historic architecture and monuments. Immerse yourself in tourist hotspots, as well as experiencing a simpler lifestyle in Amish country in the Appalachian Mountains.

The Western Discovery Motorcoach Tour takes you just about everywhere from the sunny cities of Los Angeles and San Diego, to the Grand Canyon, through Native American reservations, to the bright lights and bustle of Las Vegas. You will see the iconic scenery of America’s Wild West, as well as being amazed at the natural beauty of Yosemite National Park.

Away Holidays offer a diverse range of Motorcoach Tours, not only city-focused trips. Hawaiian Discovery, National Parks Explorer and Rocky Mountain Frontier are just some of the other exciting and exclusive trips on offer. Get in touch with Away Holidays today to book your all-encompassing Motorcoach Tour.

Away Holidays | Las Vegas Strip, Like Nowhere in the World

There really is no street in the world quite like the Las Vegas Strip. There is no other street where you could wander past the Pyramids of Giza, the Eiffel Tower and Camelot within about ten minutes of each other. The Las Vegas Strip has become famous worldwide for its massive hotel casinos, fantastic entertainment and for being the self-proclaimed ‘entertainment capital of the world’.

Away Holidays

Built around New Mexico’s lax gambling laws, Las Vegas is a city built around the high stake world of casinos. Tourists are drawn in to gamble away their holiday money with lavishly decorated casinos, spectacular entertainment and constantly flowing drinks. In competition for more customers each casino hotel along the Las Vegas Strip has built bigger and ever more audacious displays in order to distract and entice tourists inside. The result has been this unique street of bright lights, eye catching displays and countless recreations of international monuments.

One of the most famous hotels of the Strip is Caesar’s Palace. Caesar’s Palace is an enormous hotel blending classical and art deco architectural design. All around the hotel visitors can see recreations of some of the greatest sculptures in classical art ranging from the Victory of Samothrace, the Trevi Fountain and even a recreation of the Colosseum that houses a shopping complex, sport events and musical shows.

Down from Caesar’s Palace is the Paris Hotel. The Paris Hotel is another audacious piece of design featuring a scale model of the Eiffel Tower and guests are welcomed to the hotel by a mini Arch de Triumph. Further down visitors can witness the Pyramids of Giza themselves complete with a Sphinx that lights up and provides a dazzling evening light show.

Possibly winning the prize for most bizarre however may be the Excalibur Hotel. The Excalibur is based on the mythical Camelot and has been designed as a totally imaginary, whitewashed, faux Germanic castle. It almost looks like a child built it in oversized Lego. Even the sky scraping hotel behind has its own brightly coloured towers and defensive crenulations.

To see the Las Vegas Strip for yourself, flights and accommodation are available through Away Holidays. Away Holidays offer hotels on the Strip itself and, thanks to their industry expertise; Away Holidays always offer great prices.

Away Holidays | Where Can Away Holidays Take You?

Away Holidays is the rapidly growing holiday specialist in the luxury travel sector of British travel industry. Away Holidays relies on many years of experience while sending their customers away on holidays to the destinations of their dreams. At Away Holidays the team knows that their customers want helpful service, cheap deals and, most importantly, access to the most exotic variety of holiday destinations. Away Holidays comfortably satisfy all of these needs with their expert team that is available 24 hours a day and is dedicated to securing the best selection of holiday deals for you. The company recently acquired premises just outside London’s Heathrow Airport, and started its global customer delivery centre to offer unmatched and high quality service to its clients. Over the last 12 months alone Away Holidays have served over 365,000 happy travellers.


The luxury holiday company attempts to offer high degree of customer satisfaction by identifying the emotional driver behind its clients’ need for the holidays that enables it to tailor those perfect getaways. Away Holidays offer holiday packages in six world regions. Away Holidays can send their customers away to;

-       North America

Predominantly comprised of colonist from all over the world, the vast stretch of land that is North America is home to some of the strangest cultural collisions in the world. The USA specialises in the Big: in the incredible Grand Canyon, the grandiloquent Hollywood and even some of the biggest meals with supersized fast food.

-       Africa

Ancient and majestic, Africa has been the cradle of civilisation and home to the most awe inspiring fauna. In Egypt visitors will witness the majesty of the pyramids, the only surviving wonder of the ancient world. Or in South Africa Away Holidays customers can experience equally majestic experience lions, rhinos and hippos that roam wild in Africa.

-       Arabia

With a blend of ancient and modern, Away Holidays offer holidays around Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Jordan. Home to bombastic modern cities built from new oil wealth as well as the remains of earth’s earliest civilisations: Arabia is unforgettable.

-       Asia

Vast and limitlessly exotic, Away Holidays possess intimate knowledge of destinations throughout India, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore. Visitors can re-discover themselves in totally new and unrelentingly vibrant cultures.

-       Australia

Separate from the rest of the world for centuries, Australia has developed to be very unique. Koalas and kangaroos are everyday sights and the balmy temperatures make every day perfect for a beach barbeque.

For more information, customers can take advantage of Away Holidays’ 24 hour service online.